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How Do I Make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

You do not need a solicitor or adviser to make a Lasting Power of Attorney. All of the forms are available online from the Office of the Public Guardian ( However, there are many pages of notes and guidance which should be read carefully before completing the form to ensure that each section of the form is understood. There are many matters to consider when making a Lasting Power of Attorney and each option has consequences.

The process is rigorous and even the smallest error can render the form void. If there is a mistake, the whole lengthy process will need to be repeated from the start. At best, this will mean delay and a second fee but a further application may not be possible if mental capacity has reduced in the meantime. In this event, an expensive and lengthy application to the Court of Protection may be required.

Let us prepare your Lasting Power of Attorney for you.

We will prepare the paperwork and guide you through the process, advising as to your options. We will assist with an application for a fee exemption where appropriate. We will also complete the registration formalities for you.

In most cases, we will act as Certificate Provider to provide the required 'certificate' that you understand the purpose and significance of what you are doing. This removes one of the necessary steps in making a Lasting Power of Attorney and shortens the process.